We Design & Create

Life's Little Perks

Cards, gifts & illustrations

You can view our current designs in the Life’s Little Perks portfolio. We also offer commission pieces on request, please contact us for more details.

Our entire range is made in England and all products are printed on top quality materials.

Our Inspiration

A small family business with big imagination

Based in Hampshire, we focus the inspiration for our work on everyday life activities and locations.

Life’s Little Perks was created to share with the world some of the things we treasure dearly in our lives, in the hope that they brighten up your day too.

Check out our Quirks n’ Perks page to see some of our favourite inspirational places.

About Us

Like two peas in a pod Life's Little Perks

From as early as 5 years old we expressed our passion for art. We were thrilled with getting colouring books and crayons for christmas and spent hours creating our own "masterpieces".Life's Little Perks

After years of drawing, colouring, painting, stitching and studying we started receiving requests for commissioned pieces. It was then that we suddenly had a light bulb moment.

Life's Little PerksWe decided to work together, combining our designs, to create “Life’s Little Perks”.

Our Style

Life's Little Perks

Sharing a similar hand, style and humour

Our style is unique and quirky, we call it the "inherited hand". You can find out more about us individually by taking a look at our portfolios.

Running a mother-daughter business is something we've always dreamed of doing however, there have been a few lessons and rules learnt along the way; one of those being to always have a notepad and pencil with you everywhere you go as a bare essential.

Our Bare Essentials

Life's Little Perks


and our happy scruffy pooches
Life's Little Perks


and lifes encounters
Life's Little Perks


and pencils
Life's Little Perks

Teapot full of tea

with pretty cups and saucers